Boeing is not having a very good year. Some of the company’s planes have been grounded due to flaws discovered in its systems. Now it looks like the company might have a new problem on its hands, because it appears that during mid-flight, a Boeing plane belonging to Delta Airlines “lost” its evacuation slide.

The reports are claiming that during the flight, the evacuation slide somehow managed to get dislodged and fell into the yard of a family. The pilot had reported that there was a loud and mysterious noise which was later found out to be the evacuation slide falling out of the plane. Thankfully, the pilot of the flight still managed to land the plane safely and aside from this issue, there were no other reported incidents.

It is unclear as to how the slide managed to fall off the plane, but Delta is currently investigating the issue to see how it might have happened. For those unfamiliar with the evacuation slides, these are inflatable devices that allow passengers to disembark a plane through the doors during an emergency.

They can quickly inflate in under 10 seconds and while they look big, when deflated, they are small enough to be stowed away under a plane’s doors or in compartments near a plane’s exits so they can be quickly deployed when needed.

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