Boeing’s Autonomous Flying Taxi Pulls Off Successful First Flight

Boeing knows a thing or two about aircraft so if you’d expect anyone to be able to pull off a successful test of an autonomous flying taxi, it would be Boeing. The company has announced that its autonomous electric VTOL aircraft has successfully completed its first flight. What that means is that the aircraft was able to take off, hover, and land under its own power.

Boeing Issues Warning Over 737 Max Sensors After Recent Crash

You may have heard that a Lion Air flight crashed off the coast of Indonesia last week, killing some 189 people. Investigators have been working to ascertain the cause of the crash. The aircraft was a Boeing 737 Max, the latest iteration of one of the company’s most popular and widely used jets. Boeing today issued a safety warning to pilots that inaccurate readings from an onboard flight monitoring system […]

Boeing CEO Expects Self-Flying Cars To Hit Skies In Under Five Years

Gone are the days when the concept of flying cars could only be resigned to fiction. Many companies are working on vehicles capable of vertical takeoff and landing to address the transportation needs of the future. Boeing is one of them and the aviation giant’s CEO believes that fully operational self-flying cars will be capable of taking to the skies in less than five years.

Boeing Unveils Hypersonic Mach 5 Jet Concept

Supersonic commercial flying was grounded with the Concorde but aircraft manufacturers have been working on concepts of ultra-fast jets over the past few years which may enable us to fly supersonic once again. Boeing’s latest concept actually kicks things up a notch because it’s a hypersonic plane that would travel up to Mach 5 or 3,836 miles per hour, multiple times faster than the speed of sound.


FAA Approves Boeing 777X’s Folding Wingtips

The 777 is one of Boeing’s most successful planes that the company has launched several iterations of the jet ever since the first one came out. The latest iteration of this airplane is the 777X and one of the changes that it brings is the much larger wings that may make it difficult for the airplane to navigate terminals at airports that can already accommodate other 777 variants. Boeing’s way […]

Boeing’s New Autonomous Plane Refuels Fighter Jets Midair

Fighter jets rely on midair refueling to extend their range. Militaries across the globe use airborne tankers that are capable of refueling their fighter jets while they’re airbone. Boeing has now unveiled a new kind of airborne tanker and it’s one that doesn’t require a pilot. Boeing’s new autonomous plane has been desgined to refuel U.S. Navy fighter jets midair.

Boeing Draws A Giant Plane Above The U.S. Because Why Not

How do you keep the pilots entertained during an almost 18 hour live engine test on an aircraft? You let them have some fun with it. Boeing has conducted one such live engine test on its 787 Dreamliner. During the 18 hour test flight, the plane traced the outline of a massive plane above the United States. It looks pretty cool when you pull up the tracking data for this […]

Boeing To Use 3D Printed Parts For The 787 Dreamliner

We’ve seen 3D printing being used in all kinds of industries where it can be used to create things on the spot that might otherwise take a long time. It also helps companies and users create working prototypes on the fly, and we’ve also seen how it can be used in the fashion industry to help create customized sneakers.

FAA Making Airlines Reboot Boeing Dreamliners After Three Weeks

The Boeing Dreamliner is a beautiful airplane. It’s also one of the most technologically advanced airplanes in the sky right now but it has had a few problems in getting off the ground. The FAA has advised airlines every step of the way and its latest advisory offers a tried and tested solution for fixing problems with complex machines: turning it off and on again. FAA is making airlines reboot […]

Boeing Sanitizes Plane’s Toilet With UV Light

Boeing does churn out some pretty great planes, and the Dreamliner 787 is one of them that is chock-full of technological innovations, including those that cannot be seen. Well, it looks like Boeing would want to push themselves further by having an airplane bathroom which will be as clean as possible despite being used by so many passengers. It will rely on the power of far UV light to zap […]

Boeing Patents Fully Automated Fuselage Manufacturing Plant

Boeing has been in the business of manufacturing airplanes for decades and it doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon. The company has to adapt to the changing technological environments which require it to make changes in the way it does things now. Boeing has been granted a patent recently for a fully automated plant that’s going to build fuselages for its airplanes.

Boeing 737 MAX Plane Has Been Officially Unveiled

If you think that the planes you fly in are pretty old, you might be interested to learn that Boeing has recently unveiled the Boeing 737 MAX. This is the company’s latest plane and it is expected to have its maiden flight come early 2016. Of course many of us will not be on that flight as deliveries of the plane are only expected to take place in the third […]

China’s First Commercial Jet Has The Boeing 737 In Its Sights

China has long wanted to have its own passenger jet, not only to reduce its reliance on Boeing and Airbus, but just to have one for itself. After all it doesn’t suit a country of China’s stature and position in the world to not have a locally produced commercial jet. China’s state-owned airplane manufacturer has revealed the C919, it’s a commercial jet that has the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 […]

Boeing’s New Laser Cannon Kills Drones Mid-Flight

Drones aren’t going away anytime soon so we have to accept the fact that they’re here to stay, hovering above our houses and our parks, forever being a source of nuisance for people who dislike these machines. The fact is that drones can do much more damage than just record video of you without your permission, there are serious safety and security concerns with regards to sensitive military and government installations, […]