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Boeing 747s Still Use Floppy Disks To Get Their Software Updates
Before there were CDs and DVDs, many computers relied on floppy disks to store data. You would assume that such technology would have died out already, especially given in this day and age where everything is becoming more digital, but it turns out that might not be the case, at least for Boeing’s 747-400 aircrafts.

Boeing Successfully Tests The World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet
Boeing did not have a particularly good 2019 due to a flaw in the system that pretty much grounded all of the company’s 737 planes. However, it seems that the company is still forging ahead with its developments and more recently, it looks like Boeing has successfully tested what could be the world’s largest twin-engine jet.

An Evacuation Slide Just Fell Out Of A Boeing Plane Mid-Flight
Boeing is not having a very good year. Some of the company’s planes have been grounded due to flaws discovered in its systems. Now it looks like the company might have a new problem on its hands, because it appears that during mid-flight, a Boeing plane belonging to Delta Airlines “lost” its evacuation slide.

Porsche And Boeing Team Up For An Electric Flying Car
No one really knows what the future of transportation holds. Right now, many seem to be betting on electric and autonomous vehicles, where not only are they expected to be more energy efficient and better for the environment, but they will also be safer. However, while other companies seem to be building autonomous electric cars, Porsche and Boeing are eyeing the skies.


Boeing 737 Max Grounding Forces Southwest Airlines To Leave Newark Airport
Airlines in the United States, and indeed across the globe, have had to cancel thousands of flights as the Boeing 737 Max grounding left them with no other option. Additional issues were discovered with the aircraft and until they’re fixed and an all-clear is given, the beleaguered jet can’t take to the skies again. This has forced Southwest Airlines to leave Newark Airport.

American Airlines Also Cancels Boeing 737 Max Flights Through November
Airlines in the United States who had been using the Boeing 737 Max for their flight operations have been forced to cancel thousands of flights in the coming months as the aircraft remains grounded. It has not been given the all-clear to fly as yet even as Boeing has made fixes to the issues that appear to have caused the two fatal crashes that led to the grounding. American Airlines […]

5000 More Boeing 737 Max Flights Canceled By United
The Boeing 737 Max remains grounded across the globe as additional issues were discovered which will need to be fixed. Subsequently, airlines that were operating flights on this plane have had to cancel thousands of them because they can’t fly the aircraft unless regulators give the all-clear. United Airlines is one of them and it has extended its cancellation of Boeing 737 Max flights until November 3rd at least. This […]

Boeing 737 Max Reportedly Has An Autopilot Problem
Boeing’s 737 Max has remained grounded for the better part of this year following two fatal crashes involving the plane. Investigations later revealed problems with the plane’s MCAS system which have since been addressed by Boeing. However, the jet has gone through additional scrutiny before it’s allowed to return to the skies. According to a report, European regulators have found a problem with the 737 Max’s autopilot.

Boeing Sets Up $100 Million Fund For Families Of 737 Max Crash Victims
What was supposed to be the company’s best-selling jet to date has ended up being an ongoing situation for Boeing. There were two fatal crashes of the new Boeing 737 Max merely five months apart after which the entire fleet was grounded and an investigation revealed problems with the MCAS system. Boeing has now said that it’s setting up a $100 million fund for the families of the crash victims.

DOJ's Boeing 737 Max Probe Expanded To The Dreamliner
The Boeing 737 Max quickly became a commercial success for the company as airlines across the globe placed thousands of orders for the revamped narrow-body jet. However, two fatal crashes merely five months apart led to the grounding of the aircraft as it became evident that there were issues which needed sorting. The Department of Justice has been conducting a probe into the Boeing 737 Max and according to a […]

FAA Discovers A New Flaw In Boeing’s 737 Max Planes
We put a lot of faith in airplanes to stay in the sky while it is flying, but unfortunately, accidents do happen from time to time, and that is why Boeing’s 737 Max planes are currently grounded due to some flaws which some believe could have been the reason behind the recent crashes. The company is working on a fix, but it seems that it could take longer than we […]

Boeing Forced To Park Its 737 Max Planes In Car Parking Lots
As some of you might have heard Boeing’s 737 Max airplanes have encountered some issues which has forced the company to ground them while they work on a fix. However, it seems that it might be taking Boeing longer than expected to roll out a fix for their planes, so much so that the company appears to have run out of space to park them that they are forced to […]

Boeing Open To Renaming 737 Max Jet Following Crashes
Boeing’s 737 Max jets remain grounded across the globe following the two fatal crashes merely a few months apart. The cause was attributed to the MCAS system on the plane which would pitch the nose down automatically if it felt that the plane was approaching a stall. Boeing has made software fixes to tone down the system’s aggressive behavior but the crashes remain a blemish on the 737 Max’s name. […]

Boeing Announces Completion Of 737 Max Software Update
Boeing has been working on a software update fix for its 737 Max aircraft after they were grounded across the globe following two fatal crashes merely six months apart. The company has now confirmed that it has completed work on the software update which is meant to address the software flaws which contributed to the crashes.