ecomowThe world is working on being more and more energy efficient, which is why we have the likes of electric as well as hybrid vehicles on our roads, not to mention power saving lightbulbs and the ilk. Well, the EcoMow Lawnmower is unique in the sense that it is able to fuel itself with the grass that it cuts, while harvesting biomass in the form of grass pellets so that it can be used to power other applications. Throw in the ability to mow the lawn autonomously, and you have more or less got yourself a winner here.

It sounds like a dream to the teen in your house as he or she no longer needs to spend time mowing the lawn on your behalf, but apparently the EcoMow Lawnmower is currently being developed and has already generated a fair amount of interest from potential consumers. There is a downside to it all though – chances are it would be more suitable to large-scale applications rather than for the average home. The EcoMow concept is being worked upon by a startup lead by a team of engineers as well as business students from George Mason University. As for the biomass pellets that it generates, it could be a potential game changer if more and more devices or industries would adopt this as the fuel to run on. [Product Page]

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