gow-collectionSo you have gotten yourself a PS Vita recently, and would like to give some of the classic games a go. Just which particular title would you want to give a go? God of War is a franchise that has captured the imagination of many, and we are pleased to announce that the God of War collection will arrive on the PS Vita platform this coming May 6th. Just what are the games that will be part of the God of War collection? Why, God of War 1 and 2, of course.

These two titles proved to be quite the catalyst when it comes to other God of War games. Having originally appeared on the Sony PS2, it is nice to see how the PS Vita is able to carry both games seamlessly, except that you will be able to enjoy it in a handheld manner this time around without having to remain tethered to a flat screen TV. The asking price for the God of War collection would be $29.99, and this is not the first collection that we have seen before concerning the God of War collection, since we have seen similar collections revealed on the PS3 before. At least you can opt to play this alongside the new PS Vita model when it hits Stateside, right? [Press Release]

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