Sony’s God Of War Was Almost Set In Ancient Egypt

Sony’s God of War franchise started out based largely on Greek mythology, but when Sony announced a new installment in the franchise, they not only shook up the way the game was played with the introduction of Kratos’ son, but they also changed its settings where it was now based on Norse mythology.

God Of War: New Game+ Release Date Confirmed

God of War fans will be delighted to know that the release date for the New Game+ mode has been confirmed today. Aaron Kaufman from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio confirmed today that New Game+ will be released later this month. In order to access this mode, players will first have to complete the story campaign of the game on any difficulty.

Harder God Of War New Game Plus Mode Confirmed

PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War has unquestionably been a hit as the title sold more than five million copies in its first month alone. Many would have already finished the title by now but Sony Santa Monica Studio will soon give them a reason to get back into the game once again. It has confirmed that a new Game+ Mode is being developed for God of War.

God Of War Sells 5 Million Copies In First Month

It was already clear even before the title was announced that God of War was going to be a hit. Fans of the franchise had long been waiting for this title to arrive and when it did, they went and picked it up in droves. Sony has revealed that God of War sold more than 5 million copies in its first month after launch.


God Of War Is The Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive

There’s no doubt that God of War has quickly become one of the most popular games ever released for the PlayStation 4. It’s the latest iteration in this very popular franchise and it has been very well received on Sony’s gaming platform. Sony today announced that the new title has achieved a major milestone. It has become the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive title in the console’s history.

God of War Studio Has Plans For Five More Games

God of War is the most highly anticipated titles for the PlayStation 4 this year and it has been very well received. The title has proven to be a true hit as it has already topped charts in the United Kingdom for two weeks and that doesn’t even include digital sales. You would expect a title like this to have many sequels and you would be right as the studio […]

Latest God Of War Trailer Confirms PSN Unlock Time For North America

God of War is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year for PlayStation 4 owners and the wait will soon be over for them. A new trailer has been released by Sony Interactive Entertainment today which confirms the PlayStation Network unlock time for players in North America. This is a crucial bit of information that many God of Wars have likely been waiting for.

New God Of War Gameplay And Combat Videos Released

There’s a lot of excitement for the upcoming God of War title and Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica are plugging into that hype today with the release of two new God of War videos that highlight the title’s gameplay and combat mechanics. Fans of this franchise will certainly know that combat is one of the most important elements of God of War so they will certainly be interested […]

God Of War’s Director Confirms There Won’t Be Microtransactions

We’re sure that many gamers from back in the day kind of miss how things were done, in which games were sold as is, which means that once you buy it you’re done. These days it’s a different story as games are sold and at the same time also offer in-game purchases which results in gamers spending more money.

Sony Unveils Limited Edition God Of War PS4 Pro Bundle

Sony and Microsoft have a habit of launching bundles for their consoles whenever major titles are up for release which is why it’s not surprising to see that Sony has introduced a limited edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro bundle today. The console in this bundle has a Leviathan Gray finish that’s inspired by Kratos’ axe.

Artist Denies New ‘God Of War’ Has Received Graphical Downgrades

The thing about trailers is that they are meant to hype up the release of a movie or game, and sometimes what people find out is that the actual product is very different from its trailer. In video games what can happen is that the trailer is made to look better than the actual game, resulting in players sometimes feeling a bit cheated.

God Of War PS4 Release Date Confirmed

Kratos is coming. Sony has finally confirmed the God of War PS 4 release date today. Fans have been waiting for this title for quite some time now and they will be delighted to find out that Sony has finally confirmed when they will be able to play this game. The new God of War title brings a new look for protagonist Kratos and appears to shift the focus of […]

Sony’s Upcoming ‘God Of War’ Won’t Have A Season Pass

These days one of the tactics that we’re seeing developers and publishers use when it comes to trying to squeeze more money out from gamers, it would be in the form of DLCs, where the core game is released and is later followed up by additional content that can be purchased for a price, or in some cases they come with a season pass which contains multiple DLCs.

God of War Stone Mason Edition Spotted On GameStop’s Website

Back at E3 2016, Sony took the wraps off the latest God of War title that they were working on. The game has yet to be officially released, but it seems that we could be getting closer because according to a post on the Reset Era forums, GameStop has recently listed (it has since been taken down) a God of War Stone Mason Edition.