htc-logoThe thing about Android updates is that it is typically subject to the whims of the device’s manufacturer as well as the carrier who might require approval before releasing it to the masses. A good way to get timely updates would be to get a Nexus device, like the Nexus 5, for example, but the good news is that according to HTC’s recent Reddit AMA with the HTC product team for the US, the company has announced their commitment to support all new North American flagship handsets with Android updates for a two-year window.

According to the post, “Given the immense resource requirements for updates we can’t solve all our past issues, but today we are making a commitment to support all new North America flagship devices going forward with all major Android updates for 2 years after their release date.” As the post states, this seems to apply only to North American releases, suggesting that HTC devices released in other parts of the world might not receive the same treatment, which is unfortunate and definitely not a good show of confidence for international HTC customers.

It also appears that the commitment only applies to HTC flagship devices, meaning that if you were to get one of HTC’s low-mid ranged handsets, you’d be out of luck, at least that’s what we are inferring from the message. Either way devices like the HTC M8 are on your shopping list, we guess you can rest assured knowing that your handset will be supported for at least 2 years.

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