Its very easy to spot “fanboys” on the internet, a devoted and often outspoken group of supporters of a particular product or a company. For example, it is thanks to this very group that the never ending Android vs iPhone battle continues in forums and comment sections across the web. Hardly anyone will be surprised if a particular group admitted that they were irrevocably loyal to their favorite company. A recent survey conducted by UK based website found that 60 percent of the 2,000 iPhone owners surveyed professed to having “blind loyalty” to Apple.

These 60 percent respondents say that they don’t even consider other options when buying another device, and that their only concern is that the device have an Apple logo on the back. Out of the 2,000 iPhone owners surveyed, a staggering 78 percent said that they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now,” so even if all of them don’t individually profess undying loyalty to Apple, its clear that they’re iPhone loyalists. 25 percent of the respondents only bought iPhones because their friends and family had one, with only 52 percent claiming to be “really impressed” with their iPhones. The results are naturally in Apple’s favor because this survey has been conducted on a relatively small scale and it doesn’t include any other manufacturers. If one were to survey a group of Galaxy S4 owners, one may find similar results. Both companies and platforms have their diehard supporters, people who are fiercely loyal and can’t imagine ever jumping ship.

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