In the recent Netflix Hack Day that was organized, several interesting ideas were thrown about, and one of them would be the idea of “sleep bookmarks”. Before you start to have funny ideas about what sleep bookmarks are all about, here is the simple explanation – you will no longer need to find yourself falling asleep while watching a particular episode of your favorite TV series only to wake up and realize you have missed the last 3 episodes. The sleep hack for Netflix will rely on FitBit technology in order to figure out just when you have fallen asleep. Upon doing so successfully, audio on your Netflix-enabled device would begin to fade out, while whatever you are watching at that point in time would stop playing, as evident by the YouTube video above.

Upon waking up, Netflix would resume playing from the point where the FitBit technology figured out you were sleeping. I suppose it would be even better if this whole idea was connected to your home’s lighting system one way or another. Don’t you think that it would be totally cool if the sleep hack would be extended to figure out whether the lights in the living room are still on when you fall asleep, so that it can automatically turn them off for you to have a better sleep time as well as save some juice on the side? [Press Release]

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