If you’re a bit of a health nut and you find the need to keep track of all your activities throughout the day, Fitbit has just launched the Fitbit Ultra which not only acts as a pedometer but also doubles up as a sleep monitor. 

If the name Fitbit sounds familiar to you, it’s because a while back the company launched a product similar, with the main difference being that the Fitbit Ultra will come with a pressure altimeter that will not only track the number of steps that you take, but will also keep track of when you climb stairs or walk up hills. The Fitbit Ultra can be used to turn into a sleep monitor when attached to a special wristband.

The data collected by the Fitbit Ultra will be relayed wirelessly to your computer whenever the user is nearby. It also makes use of a web-based software that monitors the data and matches them against the user’s set goals, which can also be compared to others, which is great if you’re the competitive type of person.

The device is available for $99 and is expected to be made available in US and Canada mid-October in light blue and plum, with international availability expected some time next year.

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