Samsung may be one of the biggest mobile device vendors in the world, and it may also be one of its largest mobile chip manufacturers, but despite that the company’s share in the application processor market has taken in a hit in recent quarters. Products in its Exynos lineup haven’t performed too spectacularly, in part due to the challenge mounted by Qualcomm, but the company is now reportedly pulling up its socks and getting back in the game.

Qualcomm has remained the leader in the mobile SoC arena for quite some time now, and its believed that Samsung is working on making a comeback within this year. Samsung’s application processors suffer from lack of built in LTE-A and even 4K video processing capabilities, so even the company itself has had to use Qualcomm processors in its mobile devices that support LTE as well LTE-A. This year the Korean juggernaut is expected to build a 64-bit Exynos processor that would rival Qualcomm, moreover its also expected to release more of its own products powered by Exynos. Samsung will apparently work on getting more clients onboard so that they opt for its Exynos lineup. It certainly needs to take these steps if it wants to make a comeback in the application processor market.

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