Sony-Xperia-Z2-01For those who didn’t know, apparently Sony’s smartphones have been coming with a permanent screen protector attached to their displays for a while now. These screen protectors are meant to prevent the glass from shattering should the device be dropped, and while it is a great idea, unfortunately reports have suggested that it gives off a plasticky feel and is apparently more prone to fingerprints and smudges.

The good news is that Sony will be doing away with that feature with the upcoming Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z2 Tablet. This was confirmed by Sony officials to the folks at Android Central during MWC 2014. Basically what this means is that all Sony phones and tablets will come “naked”, meaning that there will not be any extra film separating you from the glass display. 

Of course Sony’s screen protector can be removed, but apparently it is discouraged as bit of the branding could come off in the process, leaving you with a somewhat marred look which might not sit well if you try to resell the device.

Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and attach your own screen protectors, but it has been suggested in the past that screen protectors don’t really do much. After all if there is something sharp and strong enough to scratch your phone’s display, chances are the screen protector won’t be of much help.

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