Spike-Interior-Screen-660x371There are some people who love sitting by the windows in the plane. Personally I am more of an aisle kind of guy, but to each their own! Unfortunately plane windows aren’t exactly pristine and tend to be dirty, scratched, not to mention pretty tiny, so there’s really only so much you can see. Well that might soon be changing come 2018 if you were to fly Spike Aerospace’s supersonic private jet. As we speak, the company is in the midst of putting together what they are calling the first supersonic private jet which will come with a feature we’re pretty sure no other aircraft in the world has. Live-streaming screens.

Yup, you heard that right! The company’s plane will feature a live-streaming screen that will replace the windows in planes, as you can see in the concept rendering above. These screens will be able to display high-definition live footage thanks to tiny cameras that line the S-512’s exterior. The screens can also be adjusted to either dim or to switch to another image if constantly looking at clouds begins to get a bit boring. Of course we’re not sure if this will help keep claustrophobic passengers happy, but in terms of being extremely cool, we think Spike Aerospace has hit all the check points. For those wondering, the S-512 will be able to hit a top speed of 1,370mph while carrying up to 18 passengers. Safe to say that flights will not come cheap, but they will look very pretty.

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