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Engineer Imagines What Social Distancing Could Look Like In Airplanes
Until a vaccine for the coronavirus has been found, social distancing is expected to be the new norm. This is because there could be people out there who are asymptomatic and aren’t displaying signs of being infected, which makes it dangerous as it could result in them spreading the virus to others unknowingly.

Grounded Airplanes Could Be Used To Treat COVID-19 Patients
Due to the fact that travel restrictions are in place around the world, it also means that many planes have been grounded. Some of these planes are being used to help transport medical equipment, but it now it looks like there could be another possible use for these ground aircrafts which could help patients infected by the COVID-19 virus.

Man Panics And Accidentally Ejects Himself From A Fighter Jet At 2,500 Feet In The Air
Flying in a fighter jet might be the dream thrill adventure of a lifetime for some, but for others, it can be a harrowing experience. Take for example a 64-year old man who, for a company outing, was surprised by his colleagues when they took him to the Saint-Dizier air base in France for a ride in the Dassault Rafale B fighter jet.

This ‘Space Plane’ Could Fly From London To Sydney In Just 4 Hours
The problem with travel is that sometimes it involves long flight times. Unless you can afford the comforts of business class, safe to say that no one truly enjoys being stuck on an 8-12 hour flight in the cramped seats of economy. However, the good news is that this discomfort could soon be reduced somewhat.


Video Shows Plane Landing On Its Own For The First Time
An automatic landing system has been created by a team of German researchers which enables small aircraft to land on their own without requiring any input from a pilot. That’s not all, the planes can touch down without requiring any additional technology on the ground either. This could really provide a glimpse into the future of air travel.

World's Biggest Airplane Takes Off For The First Time
Stratolaunch, a rocket launch company, has been working on the world’s largest airplane (by wingspan) for quite some time now. The airplane took off for the very first time on Saturday morning. With a 385 foot wingspan, the behemoth weighs 500,000 pounds and certainly dwarfs even the biggest passenger jets like the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747. It lifted off for the first time from the Mojave Air and […]

Civilian On Observation Ride Accidentally Ejected From Fighter Jet
It takes an intense amount of rigorous training before a pilot is allowed to fly a fighter jet on their own. These are very expensive planes which are also complicated to fly so only the best get the opportunity to do so. Pilots also have to eject sometimes when things go wrong and they’re trained for that eventualities as well. Civilians aren’t, though, so you can imagine the horror of […]

Chinese e-Commerce Platform Auctions Two Boeing 747 Planes
Some of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world are based in China. While they’re commonly used for purchasing clothes, electronics, and other products, you might not expect to see a Boeing 747 jet being auctioned off at one of those platforms. However, that’s precisely what China’s biggest e-commerce platform Taobao did. It auctioned not one but two jumbo jets.

Singapore Airlines Debuts Luxury Cabin With A Bed And Armchair
Being stuck on a plane in a cramped coach/economy seating for the next 10-12 hours is a terrible feeling, but unfortunately not all of us can afford to fly business or first class, which means that sometimes in order to travel, such sacrifices have to be made. However if you can afford it, it looks like there will now be more luxury options for you to choose from.

This Airline Will Let You Bid For A Neighbor-Free Seat
Have you ever found yourself on a plane, cursing yourself for choosing the seat that you did? We’ve all found ourselves with a bad neighbor on a plane from time to time and unless we’re flying business or first class, it can prove to be a real nuisance. Etihad Airways has come up with a novel concept of allowing passengers to bid for the seats next to them so that […]

United Cockpit Door Codes Accidentally Posted Online
Airplane cockpit doors have access codes now for a reason. It’s to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the cockpit and possibly putting the passengers at risk. So you can imagine that it would be a pretty big deal if those codes got out. United pilots were alerted recently that access codes to cockpit doors had been accidentally posted online by a flight attendant.

The Laptop Ban On Flights Explained
With a ban on laptops in US-bound airplanes (read our coverage) cabins possibly expanding to Europe, there is a lot of traveler anxiety because putting laptops in checked-in luggage will probably lead to a tsunami of thefts and damages for one of the most expensive piece of electronics we own and need. What is the technical+security logic behind such a ban? Here’s an overview. [photo credit]

Malaysia Airlines Will Be First To Track Its Fleet With Satellites
Several years ago, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished into thin air and quickly became one of the greater aviation mysteries in history. It is still unclear as to what might have happened, with some offering up some conspiracy theories about the plane being hijacked, while others have offered a more straightforward theory that it simply crashed into the ocean.

Airbus And Siemens To Work On Electrically-Powered Planes
For the most part the majority of consumer flights these days are done using planes that consume fuel. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that both Airbus and Siemens have announced that they will be working together to create electrically-powered planes, with the goal being that by 2030, they will have built small planes that could be partially powered by electricity.

Thales Unveils The Future Of Inflight Entertainment Systems
When it comes to inflight entertainment, many airline companies have upgraded their systems to include newer systems, although for the most part many of them are still quite small and not exactly fun to watch movies on, that is unless you’re willing to spring for tickets in business or even first class, but with those prices you might as well buy yourself a new tablet anyway.

Limited Edition 24-Karat Gold NES Costs $5000
Analogue is a game hardware company that’s best known for selling the Nt, a modified and beautiful variant of the NES system, and now it has gone one step further. In order to pay tribute to The Legend of Zelda franchise on its 30th anniversary, the company has created a super limited edition version of the Nt that’s decked in 24-karat gold. Only ten units of this Nt will be […]

Concept Plane Will Fly From New York To London In 11 Minutes
Last year we reported on a concept plane called the Skreemr. According to its creators Ray Mattison and Charles Bombardier, the jet would be able to travel from New York to London in 30 minutes, meaning that traveling between the two countries will probably take you less time than driving in downtown New York stuck in traffic.

Detachable Cabin Concept Could Save Lives In A Plane Crash
Airplanes have become a lot safer over the past few decades. Much work goes into making sure that airplanes are safe since there’s almost always a loss of life when a flight crashes so it’s not like the companies that make planes don’t have an interest in improving safety. One aviation has come up with a concept of a detachable cabin that he believes could help save lives in the event […]

Revolutionary New Material Could Make Airplanes Bombproof
There have been many incidents of airplanes being targeted with bombs that were exploded inflight, one doesn’t have to look too far back in history to find an example of such a horrendous event, but an international team of scientists have come up with a revolutionary new material which may bombproof airplanes and protect against such incidents. The bombproof material would line the luggage hold so even if a device explodes […]

Japan's First Commercial Jet Makes Maiden Flight
Boeing and Airbus are both the undisputed kings of commercial aviation but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to face any competition. China recently rolled out its own commercial jet, and while that won’t take to the skies for at least a couple of years, Japan’s first commercial jet has made its maiden flight today. The jet has been made by Mitsubishi, a company you might be familiar with, since […]