apple-touchid-patentIt does seem as though Apple is going to explore the possibility of device pairing with Touch ID, as well as touching on camera privacy using diffusers. These came about via a couple of recently released patent applications that detailed potential future capabilities for Apple devices, where the first pointed to a system by which a couple of devices could be paired up with the clever use of biometric information. A fingerprint would suffice, which leads to us thinking that there is more than meets the eye, while the second touches on a method to display camera information with the help of electronic diffusers.

U.S. Patent Application number 20140068725, known as “Wireless Pairing and Communication Between Devices Using Biometric Data,” informs us of a manner where users are able to use unique biometric information in order to authorize a connection between two devices, and what better way than to showcase the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID capability? At least it does away with the need for the pesky passcode in the Bluetooth authentication process. This very same biometric data can also be used to draw boundaries of accessibility between paired devices.

As for U.S. Patent Application number 20140063049, known as “Information Display Using Electronic Diffusers,” it tells us of a method where optical diffusers that are located on top of a device’s display or camera openings can be used to show off messages.

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