cruxencore-1-640x468As much as we love to use our tablets for web surfing, playing games, and watching movies, typing on its virtual keyboard does have certain drawbacks especially if you plan on typing out long documents or emails.

After all there is that comfort and familiarity of a physical keyboard that a virtual one just cannot replace. There are several keyboard cases for tablets out there, but if you were hoping to transform your tablet into a laptop, perhaps the CruxENCORE might be a case worth checking out.

As you can see in the image above, the CruxENCORE will turn your iPad Air into a laptop of sorts. Basically it acts like a case for the iPad Air except that it will come with a keyboard attached to it, and when you shut the thing together, we guess you’d be hard pressed to realize that there might be a tablet in there and not a laptop.

Apart from offering a keyboard attachement, the CruxENCORE will also allow users to twist and turn the screen and have it lie flat against the back of the case. It kind of defeats the point of having the keyboard present but we guess for those times when you want a tablet, you won’t have to remove the entire case in order to get that effect.

As it stands the CruxENCORE is a Kickstarter project and is looking to raise some funds to make it a reality. As it stands it’s a little over halfway to its $90,000 mark but with the project ending in the next 5 days, it does seem a little doubtful that it will be able to meet its goal.

However if you’re interested in learning more or to help fund it and make it a reality, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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