Razer Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition Launched On Kickstarter

The majority of mice have been designed for right-hand use. Even if you’re a lefty, chances are you’ve probably gotten used to using a mouse with your right hand (I have). However for those who are absolute lefties, the good news is that Razer has since launched its Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition on Kickstarter.

Kumo 40% Mechanical Keyboard Launched On Kickstarter

When most people think about keyboards, there’s a chance that many of them think of the regular full-sized keyboards with a number pad on the right, a row of function keys, a row of numeric keys, your alphas, modifiers, and so on. However there are keyboards of various sizes, and if you’re after something ultra portal, Kumo might be a keyboard worth checking out.

Nexus Is A Wearable That Tracks Weight & Strength Training

Fitness trackers are great if you’re looking to measure things like your heart rate, steps, distance walked/ran, calories, and also certain activities such as running, cycling, and swimming, and so on. However if you notice, most of these activities seem to be more cardio-focused.

Hexgears X-1 Is A Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

If there is one main difference you might notice between regular keyboards and mechanical keyboards is that for the most part, mechanical keyboards have a slightly taller profile. This does admittedly take some getting used to, but if a low profile design is something you’re after, then maybe the Hexgears X-1 might be the keyboard for you.


Peak Design Unveils The Travel Line Backpack

Photographers are probably more than familiar with the company Peak Design. For those who aren’t familiar, Peak Design has created quite a few camera-related backpacks and messenger bags, along with a bunch of camera accessories such as clips, straps, and so on. Now it looks like they are back with their latest offering dubbed The Travel Line.

Awake Watch: A Premium Watch On A Mission

The Kickstarter campaign of Awake has started today, and their product is a premium, sustainably-designed watch that has been created from the ground up to be as eco-friendly as possible but uncompromising on quality at the same time. This includes selecting the cleanest processes, recycled materials and limiting transport.

PEGASI’s Smart Glasses Will Help You Sleep Better

There are some of us who are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep in an instant without much fuss. However there are some of us who from time to time struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, whether it be due to the stress of the day, or the constant worry about the things they have to do tomorrow, and so on.

FOCI Wearable Device Boosts Focus To Fight Tech Addiction

Addiction to technology is a serious concern which is why many companies and services are building time spent features into their products so that their users can see how much time they’re spending and adjust their usage habits if they’re spending more time than they should be. FOCI is a wearable device that aims to fight tech addition by boosting the user’s focus.

Nintendo Switch Vertical Grip Accessory Launched On Kickstarter

The Nintendo Switch for the most part has been designed to be played horizontally. However there are some games, such as classic arcade titles, that will be played vertically, but that also means that the current way the Joy-Cons are held will no longer be possible. However the Flip Grip is an accessory that will change that.

Myst 25th Anniversary Collection Launched On Kickstarter

Last month it was reported that there are plans to relaunch the entire Myst collection on the PC. The good news for those who grew up playing the game is that this has since been confirmed, as a Kickstarter campaign for the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection has since been launched where players will be able to get their hands on the entire collection.

Street Fighter Board Game Launches On Kickstarter

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1821440755/street-fighter-the-miniatures-game The other day we reported that Mario Kart had been turned into a board game of sorts when a Monopoly version of the game was launched. However it looks like it isn’t the only video game that is being given the board game treatment because it looks like Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise has been made into a board game as well.

DaLunchbox Is An All-In-One Kit For Drone Owners

If you’re looking to get into drones, there are quite a few options out there available right now, but some of them can get quite expensive. However if you want something that’s kind of like an all-in-one solution, you might be interested in a Kickstarter campaign for a device called DaLunchbox.

‘I’m Back’ Accessory Turns Analog SLRs Into Digital Hybrids

While many photographers might extol the virtues of shooting analog and film, claiming that it produces “warmer” images and has a certain tone/feel to it that digital can’t replicate, it is hard to ignore some of the downsides to shooting with film. This includes the inability to check photos after you’ve taken them, the time and money spent developing the film, and also the low storage capacity.

Kickstarter Patrons Is Funding For Those With Deeper Pockets

When it comes to discovering new projects and campaigns to fund on Kickstarter, the onus usually falls to the funder to try and seek out projects that they might be interested in. However Kickstarter is changing that up with a new pilot program called Kickstarter Patrons in which the focus will be on the funders, not the fundees.