BjmOIIOIgAAS69gThe other day we reported on how Microsoft would be releasing the source code for MS-DOS and Microsoft Word to the Computer History Museum where the code is expected to be shared with the public.

What this does is that it allows the public, and especially programmers, to get an idea of what it was like to code software back in the day where things were done perhaps a little more “old school”. Who knew computer code could be an actual museum exhibit, huh?

Well thanks to developer Leon Zandman, while viewing the source code he found tons of hidden jokes and Easter Eggs that the developers decided to put in. We’re not sure if it’s because the developers did not expect to have their source code made available to the public, but some of them are pretty funny.

In fact in one example, the developer left a poetry by Bill “Shake” Spear. There were also some fart jokes and there was one instance where they called users of a Novell Network “dumb”. There are plenty of other Easter Eggs and comments left by the previous developers in the source code so hit up Leon Zandman’s Twitter if you’d like to see more of it.

In the meantime any of our readers out there programmers themselves who have similarly left humorous messages in their code too? I still remember back in the day when I would code websites with HTML, I’d leave little comments in the source code about how people shouldn’t steal it!

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