explicit-filterApple’s iTunes Radio does come with a filter that intends to prevent explicit language from streaming, and this particular filter has been turned on by default so that no tunes bearing explicit language will be heard by the younger ones out there, but nothing is perfect in this fallen world, which is why profane content has been reportedly slipping through the cracks.

Some folks have already reported that the explicit content filter on, despite being left turned on, still failed to stop multiple uncensored songs from playing. For instance, an uncensored version of the track “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars does feature a rather prominent”f-word” in the song’s opening lines, but the song managed to give the explicit content filter the slip.

Other folks who have tested it out on their own also reported the same issue, although there are censored tunes that continued to stream with the toggle enabled. Of course, it does not seem as though the explicit content filter is working as it should, and when the filter is turned off, censored tracks play instead of the original in its colorful language and all. Hopefully Apple will be able to do something about the situation and clean up their act.

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