Scams involving gift cards are pretty common. This is because instead of asking victims to send them money directly, these scammers sometimes ask for payments in the form of gift cards. Like we said, given how common these scams, you might think that companies would be doing more to stop them, or at least help those that fall victim to such scams.

We’re not sure what Apple’s procedure is when it comes to iTunes gift card scams, but it seems that some people are simply not thrilled with how the company handles it, and a class-action lawsuit has since been filed against the company for apparently not doing much to help those who have been prey to such tactics.

According to the lawsuit, Apple apparently tells victims that there’s nothing that they can do once the money has been spent. However, the lawsuit argues that this isn’t true. Apple is said to hold 100% of the funds for a period of 4-6 weeks between apps being purchased and the money being given to developers.

This kind of acts like an escrow where Apple holds the funds, instead of the money going directly from the purchaser and the developer. This means that this is within Apple’s control to refund 100% of the money spent on the gift card. Apple has yet to respond to the lawsuit, but hopefully this will change how the company approaches and handles gift card scams in the future.

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