pl-01You can say that military powers around the world are bent on creating and developing stealth vehicles, be it over the sea, land or air. After all, if your enemy is unable to see you or detect your presence, it gives you the first mover advantage as well as the element of surprise – crucial elements in securing a victory on any battlefield. The PL0-01 tank is a prototype stealth tank that goes one up on what we have seen so far – it claims to be able to disguise itself to look like a car, and can seem as though it has ‘disappeared’ with but a touch of a button.

Just how is this made possible? Well, for starters, this particular behemoth of a war machine will come covered with mesh of thermal tiles that allows it to disguise how it looks, all the while enabling it to avoid infrared missiles as well as fool ordinary foot soldiers who are on the lookout for thermal images

The PL0-01 prototype tank happens to be able to ferry a crew of three and weighs in at 35 tons. There is one thing that it cannot mask, however, and that would be the sound of it moving through a particular terrain, but not being able to be seen already offers it a huge advantage thanks to the simple act of changing the temperature of the hexagonal plates on it. Expect the PL0-01 to enter service some time in 2018.

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