Just when you thought that E Ink technology was there for e-book readers, BAE Systems, a British defense firm, has decided to use it instead to disguise their range of vehicles of war. Apparently, a set of sensors that are connected to the tank’s exterior will take in the surrounding environment, analyzing the terrain carefully to take note of important information such as colors, shapes and lines, where they will then be projected by the E Ink on the tank’s body – resulting in a camouflaged tank, of course. The whole idea of using E Ink is because this technology can be adapted to any environment, making it easy for a tank to look sandy in color and texture in the desert, while sporting a rocky exterior whenever it is within striking distance of a mountainous region. This is currently a concept that will surely be worked on by BAE Systems, as they attempt to get it up and running for trial within the next few years since the high cost is currently an issue they need to overcome.

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