When it comes to eating pizza, which particular shop do you drop by in the first place? Is Pizza Hut one of your first few choices, or have you long sworn yourself off food from the likes of Pizza Hut simply because there are better pizzas out there? Well, the regular pizza parlor that you drop by once a week might serve the meanest slices of pepperoni and cheese pizzas around, but this does not mean that they are jam packed with technology. No sir, Pizza Hut’s got your back if you want a high tech dining experience thanks to this unique interactive table that you can see in the video above.

This particular interactive table was developed in partnership alongside Chaotic Moon Studios, where it would allow you to visualize your order as you think it up along the way. It is a way of actually putting an image to the different stages of making a pizza. First of all, you pick your crust, before you select your sauce and cheese (half or whole), prior to adding toppings such as chicken, mushrooms and peppers accordingly. Of course, it would be strongly recommended if you were to wash your hands prior to eating as your pizza is served.

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