visa-pizza[MWC 2015] It seems that payment for goods are going to get even more convenient in the future. Three rather unlikely allies have come together – Visa, Accenture and Pizza Hut, having announced a spanking new proof-of-concept connected car program which touts that drivers can order as well as pay for pizza via the vehicle’s dashboard software, now how about that when it comes to versatility? This particular partnership will merge Visa Checkout’s payments features, Accenture’s technical foundation as well as Pizza Hut’s mobile app ordering procedures, all rolled into a trial network that is set to arrive in Northern California later this spring.

The system itself is capable of handling payments via Visa Checkout, which is currently being used by Pizza Hut’s mobile ordering procedures. Apart from that, users are able to take advantage of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features in the program so that they can make and authenticate payments hands-free – ideal, especially when one is driving and would need both hands on the wheel.

Beacon technology within partnering Pizza Hut stores will enable the signaling of the arrival of the consumer so that they can then pick up their order. Looks like there is no more excuse to go hungry ever again!

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