Pizza Hut Has A Pair Of Shoes That Can Order A Pizza On Your Behalf

Shoes are designed to protect our feet from hard and rough surfaces, and they also help in sports and exercise where they can cushion our feet from impact, provide better grip, and so on. However if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if my shoes could also order pizzas for me?”, your wish has been granted.

Pizza Hut To Introduce Robot Servers In Japan

Just how much faster can fast food get in the future? A whole lot more, it seems, although this would mean that you will have to do away with the human touch along the way. I am referring to Pepper, the humanoid robot, who now sees action in a Japanese Pizza Hut. This is not the first job that Pepper has been involved in, as it has enrolled in school […]

Pizza Hut Has A Delivery Box That Converts Into A Projector

We usually don’t think too much of the box that our pizzas are delivered in. Their main purpose is to hold our pizza but once that’s done, we just squash it and throw it away. Perhaps looking to give these boxes more functionality, Pizza Hut’s ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Group have created the Blockbuster Box. Basically what this is is a pizza box that has the ability to double […]

In-Car Dashboard Software To Pay For Things In The Future?

[MWC 2015] It seems that payment for goods are going to get even more convenient in the future. Three rather unlikely allies have come together – Visa, Accenture and Pizza Hut, having announced a spanking new proof-of-concept connected car program which touts that drivers can order as well as pay for pizza via the vehicle’s dashboard software, now how about that when it comes to versatility? This particular partnership will […]


Pizza Hut Interactive Concept Table

When it comes to eating pizza, which particular shop do you drop by in the first place? Is Pizza Hut one of your first few choices, or have you long sworn yourself off food from the likes of Pizza Hut simply because there are better pizzas out there? Well, the regular pizza parlor that you drop by once a week might serve the meanest slices of pepperoni and cheese pizzas […]