siri-apple-job-postingsFor those of us who have gotten on in age, you know that some parts of our bodies are not what they used to be when we were much younger. Our eyesight and hearing begins to fail, and we might end up popping more pills than we might be comfortable with. The thing is, even the regular pillbox might not be good enough a reminder for you to swallow those pills within per day, so why not enlist the help of technology?

Apparently, there is a new patent that was received by Apple from the USPTO on Thursday, where this particular patent would have something to do with Siri’s ability to power a system which is actually capable of reminding you of certain things that you need to do at that point in time, whether you like it or not. This is made possible thanks to information which has been picked up from sensors that have been strategically placed around the home or office.

This patent might see Siri nag, or remind you to take whatever medication that you carry with you before or after meals. Should you actually forget to do so, Siri might just do its bit to issue a reminder. And if Siri gets too naggy, you can always “divorce” from it, eh?

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