twitter-turkeyAbout a week ago, the Turkish government announced that they would be banning the use of Twitter in the country. Naturally this led to an outcry not just from Turkey’s citizens, but from those around the world as well who felt that the move was a little oppressive.

However thankfully not only did Twitter show Turkish users how to continue to tweet, but within Turkey itself, citizens were sharing tips and techniques on how to get around the ban, namely by using Google’s DNS or by installing VPNs. This led to a spike in VPN downloads in Turkey over the weekend that the social network was banned.

Needless to say the ban was essentially ineffective as Turkish citizens continued to tweet in the face of it. Perhaps seeing the ban as unnecessary now that people have found a way around it, or perhaps caving in to international pressure, an Ankara court in Turkey has recently ordered the lifting of the ban on Twitter, according to local reports.

Now it is possible that the telecoms regulator who instituted the blocks may appeal the court’s decision, but for now it looks like Twitter will be freely accessible again. However like we said earlier, since there have been ways around the ban, we’re not sure if appealing the decision will be changing anything, but for now Twitter in Turkey is back in action.

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