cognoaMany years ago if one wanted to test their child for autism, they’d have to spend a fair amount of money to get their kids tested, but fast forward to today, it seems that all you’d need is an app. The app is developed by a new startup company called Cognoa. The idea is to help evaluate children for autism, which according to the company’s CEO, Brent Vaughan who spoke to TechCrunch, has risen to 1 in 68 children in the US.

Due to the rising number, not to mention the time it takes to see warning signs of autism and the average waiting time to see a specialist could take as long as a year, which is time lost that the child could have benefited from an intervention program. What Cognoa’s app does is that it helps to evaluate the risk for developmental delay and autism for children below the age of 3.

The app will ask the parents a series of questions, as well as allow them to record a 5 minute video of their child performing a simple set of activities. After which based on the data, it will provide an assessment as to whether the child is at risk of autism. It should be noted that the app does not diagnose whether or not the child has autism, but rather evaluates as to whether there could be a risk, after which parents can then do something about it if they believe it to be the case.

The app has been tested over 20,000 times and has been used in numerous studies and has shown an accuracy above 90% for children under 4 years and as young as 13 months.

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