BlackBerry PlayBookThe BlackBerry Playbook is BlackBerry’s first attempt at a tablet and while we have been hearing rumors that BlackBerry is planning on a Playbook successor, well safe to say we haven’t really seen or heard anything since.

This isn’t to say that BlackBerry is opposed to the idea of a Playbook successor, but when exactly might we expect such a device? Well if John Sims’ statement is anything to go by, it seems that BlackBerry is pretty excited about the idea of a tablet which will hopefully translate into a new device hit the market in the near future.

Speaking to the folks at N4BB, Sims, the President of Enterprise at BlackBerry, was quoted as saying, “We see value in a tablet and I can tell you that John Chen REALLY likes the idea of a tablet.” Recently BlackBerry and Nanthealth have teamed up to create a medial smartphone, not to mention their partnership with Foxconn would seem to suggest that the company is open to collaborations.

Perhaps we might seem the Canadian company embark on yet another collaboration with its next-gen tablet, but for now we guess we’ll just have to take comfort in knowing that BlackBerry is still excited at the idea of a new tablet. In the meantime what do BlackBerry users think? Are you guys looking forward to a new BlackBerry tablet, or are you perfectly happy with your iPad or Android device?

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