It has been a while since we last saw a new BlackBerry smartphone, but some of you might recall that back in 2020, the company seemingly gave us hope of seeing a new model when it was revealed that a new 5G BlackBerry handset was in the works. Fast forward two years later, it looks like that is no longer the case.

This is according to a forum post by CrackBerry’s founder Kevin Michaluk he confirmed with multiple sources that the 5G BlackBerry smartphone is dead. For those unfamiliar, the handset was supposed to be built by OnwardMobility since BlackBerry themselves had exited the hardware business years ago.

The company has since licensed out the BlackBerry brand to companies such as TCL in the past, with OnwardMobility being the latest to pick up the licensing, but it seems that the company may no longer be keen on pushing BlackBerry branded handsets if this report is true.

We suppose it is a bit of a pity that this handset never saw the light of day, but then again, in the current market, we’re not sure if the BlackBerry brand would have helped that much either. In the meantime, it seems that BlackBerry is eager to leave its smartphone past behind as the company recently revealed that they would be selling off the remainder of its mobile patents.

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