xbox-one-china-banIt was in the middle of last year that we brought you word where China is considering to lift a 13-year old ban on the sales of game consoles, before the ban was lifted temporarily in that part of the world in January this year. Well, that temporary lift had to wait for rules and regulations to play catch up, where companies which want to sell such game consoles in the country will have to adhere to. It is nice to know then, that the gamut of rules have just been released, which officially signals the green light that game consoles can be sold freely in China at long last.

Of course, things are never all that straightforward in life, as we have not heard from any of the three major console manufacturers, namely Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, reveal their future plans to tackle the China market. It is a potentially lucrative market to tap into, especially when we are talking about the world’s most populous country in addition to many cities there experiencing boom times unlike during any other era.

It seems that Nintendo’s stock price has been affected from this development, while Microsoft has entered into an Xbox-related joint venture with unannounced plans. Sony, for their part, has formed a new “China Strategy Department” that will hopefully eventually sell its products in that part of the world.

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