nearby-friends“…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” is a proverb that makes plenty of sense, and even more so in this day and age. After all, your family might be staying halfway across the world, and if you were to get in trouble today and need someone to bail you out from the current predicament, which better person than a friend to do so? Having said that, Facebook knows how important friends are to one’s life, which is why they have introduced a new feature that is known as Nearby Friends, allowing you to turn it on if you want to.

Nearby Friends would help you figure out just who on your contact list are nearby, or on the go. I suppose it is a two-way traffic if you were to enable Nearby Friends on your Facebook account – not only can you start to find people near you, it also works the other way around, so do prepare to get stalked – and then some.

Thankfully, Nearby Friends happens to be an optional feature, so you can continue living the hermit life if you want to, and being able to choose who you are able to see whenever you happen to be in a certain public space. You know, back in the day where there were no smartphones, all we had to rely on was our word – meet at a certain venue and selected time, and both parties would be as good as gold. These days, the convenience of easy communication has led to a lack of punctuality and plans do not seem to be as concrete as before, or it could just be my perception. [Press Release]

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