It has been just over a week since Amazon unveiled and released the Fire TV, its set-top box and undeniably an Apple TV rival. The Fire TV can do so much more than Apple’s set-top box, which might compel customers waiting on the fences for a new set-top box to pick one up. At $99 a pop, its not exactly that expensive. As it stands, Amazon’s online store is now sold out of Fire TV units, the company says its due to unprecedented high demand, and not because of bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Kinley Pearsall, a spokeswoman for Amazon, said that the company is “thrilled with the customer response to Fire TV so far — we’re building more as quickly as we can.” It expects to have more inventory available by next week. In true Amazon fashion, the company hasn’t disclosed unit sales figures, so one can’t exactly say just how many units of the new set-top box Amazon has been able to sell up till now.

Amazon has a history of keeping sales figures under wraps. It called Kindle tablets a great success without ever revealing how many units were sold in the U.S. or around the globe. Even its original show Alpha House has been crowned the most watched series, but there’s no view count to ascertain how many times it has been watched.

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