instagram-200mInstagram, having successfully touched the 200 million active users milestone before March 2014 was over, has received complaints from users in recent days. The complaints touched on Instagram actually hiding recently uploaded photos, showing off older photos instead. While this will not cause the entire world to come to a grinding halt, it is enough to annoy regular Instagram users, who might then defect to an alternative platform or stop using the service altogether. This is definitely not something any developer wants, which is why Instagram has already stepped forward to say that they are working on a bug fix.

Instagram has assured users that this is but a temporary glitch, although they did not reveal just how long it would take for the issue to be fixed once and for all. I suppose it is a good time to take some time out from Instagram, and start to dig in your food while it is still piping hot instead of snapping a photo of it and uploading it to show the world just what you are about to tuck in for dinner.

Instagram also declined to reveal the extent of this particular bug, and how many users were affected. Are you one of those affected by the bug?

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