instagram-200mWhen it comes to the tech world, you can be sure that exponential growth is nothing new at all, in fact, it might seem to be more of the norm than the exception. Having said that, today marks the day that Instagram has seen its community of active users achieve the 200 million mark and beyond. This is quite an achievement, where to date, more than 20 billion photos have been shared on the Instagram platform, and there does not seem to be any sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

It does not matter if you happen to be visually documenting your favorite dish being prepared in the kitchen, or a beautiful sunrise as you enjoy it by the beach in the cool of the day. As long as you happen to own a decent camera in your smartphone, it ought to get the job done – and with a fair number of interesting filters to boot, the possibilities are virtually endless! In fact, Instagram has grown so fast, so much so there were 50 million new Instagrammers who signed up in the last six months alone, and here is to the next 200 million Instagram users! When did you first sign up for Instagram? [Press Release]

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