Like or not, Google Glass is pretty useful when you want to record first-person videos but really want to do it hands free. Sure, there are many other ways to do this, including strapping a GoPro to your chest or head. Google Glass is lighter, much more compact and easier to carry around, although one would get significantly better video quality from a GoPro, but that’s besides the point. Glass owners can already use Hangouts to show someone else what they’re directly seeing at any given moment, but now one of the most popular broadcasting platforms has released an app for Google Glass.

The Livestream Google Glass app is much simpler than its iOS and Android counterparts, that is to be expected, since most apps on the wearable device stick to core functionality and throw most of the visual effects away. That is exactly what has happened here, though users do get the ability to view chat messages on their video in real time even if they’re broadcasting.

The app itself can’t do anything else besides broadcast, it sticks with the core feature. Setting up Livestream on Google Glass is fairly simple. All you need is a Glass unit, which still costs $1,500 and requires an invitation, as well as the app. Once its installed, simply say “Ok, Glass, Livestream” and it will obey your command.

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