Back in June last year NVIDIA showed off its DirectStylus technology. It allows users to sketch smooth lines and broad strokes with a fine-top passive stylus, just like they would on paper with a pen. Passive styluses don’t have digitizers like active styluses, the latter can be found on devices like the Galaxy Note, but they do have tips as big as 5mm. To showcase DirectStylus capabilities NVIDIA today announced the Make Your Mark project. The company has asked 10 artists from around the world to create three illustrations inspired by Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot by using DirectStylus.

For those who don’t know Isaac Asimov was a science fiction author who made a lot of predictions about how life would be in the future. For example, he predicted in 1964 that flat-panel screens would replace conventional technology sets. He also had formed an idea about tablet computers as early as 1951.

NVIDIA will follow artists’ through their creative process with a series of short films, the first part has already been published today, the rest will be published later on its YouTube channel. Artists include cartoonist Jing X Hu, computer game designer Wes Louie as well as other accomplished artists and even “doodlers.”

Those who are interested to take part in the Make Your Mark project will need a tablet equipped with NVIDIA’s DirectStylus technology, the company’s own Tegra NOTE 7 tablet is the perfect contender. The hashtag to follow and share with on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram is #MakeYourMark.

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