paymaq-bitcoin-atmSo, you happen to have your fair share of Bitcoins and are wondering just how you are going to spend it all. I suppose you could always wait and keep your fingers crossed that the rate would continue to rise for Bitcoin in tandem to your existing currency, but how about withdrawing it in cold, hard cash? That would mean hunting down a Bitcoin ATM which frankly, seems to be more rare to the layman than locating a rare Pokemon. PayMaq has just announced a new range of low-cost Bitcoin ATMs that will roll out in major European markets.


PayMaQ happens to pitch its PayBitcoin ATM in the form of it being a more affordable solution for individuals as well as small businesses who happen to have an interest in hosting a digital currency exchange point. A single unit would cost less than €1000 after VAT, shipping included, which will offer a retail cost savings in comparison to the $5,000 Lamassu units and $20,000 Robocoin machines.

The PayBitcoin ATM happens to be PayMaQ’s second model, so they ought to have some experience in this particular matter just in case you were wondering about the company’s credentials. It will improve upon its predecessor that had its fair share of limitations, such as the need for skilled maintenance on a regular basis. This more affordable option is right now being funded as an Indiegogo project, and it remains to be seen whether the PayMaq Bitcoin ATM is going to be a success or not.

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