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This Awesome Little Gadget Helps Keep Your Glasses Clean
For those who wear glasses, you’re probably more than well aware of the pain and annoyance of your glasses getting dirty and greasy throughout the day. Unless you happen to carry around a microfiber cloth, this can be rather frustrating. However, the developers of the LensHD want to change that.

This Handy Clip-On Turns Your Xbox Series S Into A Portable Gaming Machine
With the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo tried to create a hybrid device that was both portable and also doubled up as a home console. Naturally, this resulted in some compromises in the hardware where they had to make it small and light enough to be brought around. This is also why consoles like the Xbox Series X and S are so chunky.

Edifier Just Launched A Pair Of Hi-Res Audio Wireless Earbuds
Are you looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds that can support the playback of hi-res audio but also won’t break the bank? Then perhaps Edifier might have something for you. The company, known mostly for their computer speakers, have launched the NeoBuds Pro, a pair of $99 true wireless earbuds with support for hi-res audio.

Scotsman Electric Scooter Is Built With The Connected Generation In Mind
Walking is boring, so why walk when you can scoot? If you like the idea of getting around your city on an electric scooter, then perhaps the Scotsman scooter might be worth looking at. This is because according to its creators, it has been designed for the connected generation in mind and comes with features like 4G and GPS.


Sony Wants To Change The Way We Play Our Instruments
If you’ve ever played the guitar, you might be familiar with the whammy bar. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s basically a bar that sits on the bridge of the guitar that when pressed down or pulled up, will cause the guitar’s sounds to change and create a vibrating-like effect that guitarists use for texture and to enhance their solos.

This Tiny Washing Machine Will Clean Your Nasty Earbuds
True wireless headphones are all the rage these days. While they’re small and portable, one of the problems with them is that because they go into your ear, they can sometimes get crusted with your earwax and other dirty things, which is really gross if you think about it. So how do you clean them?

Keychron K3 Review: The Perfect Travel Keyboard
The Keychron K3 has been announced and we managed to get our hands on a unit for review. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that’s small and lightweight enough for travel, then maybe this is the keyboard for you.

Evo Is One Of The Most Compact CNC Milling Machines We’ve Seen To Date
When you think of CNC milling machines, you might think of those massive devices that probably takes like 10 people to try and move and setup. However, if you don’t have the space for such a machine or don’t really have the need or the capital for a more traditional CNC milling machine, then Evo is a Kickstarter project worth checking out.

This Neural-Linked Glove Helps You Click Your Mouse Just By Thinking About It
When it comes to fast-paced games, reaction is key. This is what separates professionals from amateurs. For example, amateurs might know that they need to click the mouse to fire at the enemy, but in the moment, they might panic or get confused about what they need to do, and that’s why their reaction times can be slow.

This Gadget Turns iPhone Portrait Photos Into Holograms
Holograms are pretty cool, although in terms of practicality and usefulness, we’re not sure if we’ve completely figured that one out yet. However, we have seen how it can be used at concerts, and if you’ve ever wanted your own personal hologram, it might seem like it could be a very expensive affair, but that might not be the case.

This Bird Feeder Is All Kinds Of Smart
Sometimes when it comes to appreciating nature like animals, it might be best to observe and appreciate them from afar and in the wild. This is why things like bird feeders exist, where people get to enjoy watching birds go about their daily business without necessarily caging them up.

This Guitar Pedal Can Be Controlled Using Your Smartphone
If you’re a guitar player, then there’s a very good chance you might own several pedals. These pedals, for those unfamiliar, help guitar players create and adjust their guitar’s sounds to their liking, whether it be adding a crunchy distortion, a fuzzy overdrive, or the wah sound of a face-melting guitar solo, these pedals help guitarists accomplish that.

Peak Design Unveils New iPhone Cases And Mounts
Photographers are probably pretty familiar with Peak Design. For those who aren’t, Peak Design is a company that creates camera-related gear and accessories, whether it be backpacks or messenger bags designed to carry cameras, or a foldable tripod system, and now it looks like the company is back with its first ever iPhone accessories.

This Microphone Is Perfect For Taking On The Go
These days there is an increased demand for audio recording devices like microphones. As many of us are working and studying from home, some of us are starting to realize the need to upgrade our equipment, where the built-in microphone in our laptops will no longer make do due to its more-often-than-not subpar quality.

This iPad Keyboard Accessory Comes WIth A Trackpad Built Into The Keyboard Itself
Thanks to Apple’s iPad Pros now offering support for trackpad, we’re starting to see companies such as Logitech launch keyboard accessories for the iPad Pros with trackpads built into them.  The resulting design is a tablet that kind of looks like a laptop, but in case you didn’t fancy the design, you’re in luck.

This Gaming Mouse Comes With A Built-In Fan To Deal With Sweaty Palms
Some of us have sweaty palms and after an extended period of using our mouse, it can get kind of gross (they say our peripherals are actually dirtier than a toilet bowl). If you do suffer from sweaty palms, then you might be interested in checking out the Zephyr gaming mouse which actually comes with a built-in cooling fan.

Shiftcam’s ProGrip Will Give Your Smartphone A DSLR-Like Grip
The problem with taking photos with your smartphone isn’t so much about the quality of the photos, but rather the way it feels in your hands isn’t quite the same compared to a camera like a DSLR. However, if you’re serious about smartphone photography, then you might be interested in Shiftcam’s latest accessory – the ProGrip.

Lenovo’s Smart Frame Can Soon Be Pre-Ordered From Indiegogo
The concept of smart/digital photo frames aren’t new, but earlier this year at CES 2020, Lenovo took the wraps off their Smart Frame. This particular digital photo frame is admittedly one of the more stylish models we’ve seen to date, and based on the photos, could easily pass off as being an actual photo frame.

This Company Wants To Turn Wolfenstein Into A Tabletop Board Game
Wolfenstein was one of the first few FPS games available on PCs back in the day, and one could even go as far as saying that the game, along with others such as Quake and Doom, were instrumental in helping popularize the FPS genre. Now it looks like a gaming company by the name of Archon Studio wants to take Wolfenstein and transform it into a tabletop board game.

This Retro iPod Toy Is All Kinds Of Crazy Cute
The classic iPod has been discontinued for years now, but there’s no denying how big of an impact the device has had on the world. It changed the way we consumed our music and also helped to lead the rise of digital music. If you love the retro iPod, then you might want to check out this cute toy by Classicbot.