bitcoin-atmA Bitcoin ATM sounds like a good idea, but one does wonder how come the idea has not caught on already. Singapore has a Bitcoin ATM at The Spiffy Dapper, and for folks living in New Mexico, U.S.A., it seems that a Bitcoin ATM that was installed there had already been yanked not too long after.

Crave’s Amanda Kooser happened to be one of the first few people to perform a deposit from dollars to Bitcoin at an ATM in the US, but sometime in late March, the very same Albuquerque cigar bar where the Bitcoin ATM used to be no longer carried the machine. The bartender there mentioned that the Bitcoin ATM was recently removed, and in all probability, it was making its way back to California where it originated from. One can think of a thousand and one reasons as to why the Bitcoin ATM had such a short lifespan in public, but the exact date of its removal remains unknown.

For those of you out there who happen to have a fair number of Bitcoins, where are the places where you actually spend your virtual currency, or are you simply sitting on top of your Bitcoin collection, keeping your fingers crossed that its value will not plummet and you will end up super rich a few years from now?

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