Google has shed more light concerning the Project Ara modular smartphone, despite the very first Ara Developers Conference being set to happen this coming April 15th. What you see above happens to be a video of the team behind the project, where it clearly lets the world know in no uncertain terms on how the smartphone of the future will stay together, in addition to the individual modules’ ability to arrive in different external textures and styles.


A trio of endoskeletons were shown in the video too, if you are eagle eyed enough to notice those renders. These endoskeletons will vary from one to another when it comes to pricing and capacity. For instance, the smallest of the lot is tipped to carry a $50 price tag thereabouts with at least the ability to hold half a dozen modules, while the mid-sized version should be able to tote eight or so, and the phablet-sized version in all probability will carry a minimum of nine modules.

The modules in question that will carry different items such as processors, storage, camera sensors, and others, will remain in place within the aforementioned endoskeleton thanks to an electro-permanent magnet. There will be an electrical current that will change the magnetic properties of a permanent magnet so that the module will remain stuck there even when there is no power available. Pretty neat, eh?

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