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Motorola Offers Opinion On Why Google’s Project Ara Failed
As you might have heard, Google has pretty much shelved their plans for a modular smartphone in the form of Project Ara. It is a bit disappointing that the project came to such an abrupt end considering how close Google was to releasing it commercially, and in a recent interview with Gadgets 360, Motorola execs explained why they thought was the reason.

Real-Life Photos Of Project Ara And Specs Revealed
After what felt like years of Google promising to make Project Ara a commercial reality, the rug was pulled out from under us a couple of months ago when Google confirmed that work on Project Ara had been suspended. We’re still not 100% sure why that is the case as Google is still remaining mum on that topic, but either way that’s pretty much the end of that.

Google Confirms Project Ara Has Been Suspended
A report from earlier today from Reuters revealed that Google had essentially scrapped their plans for Project Ara, their modular smartphone project. However at that time, Google did not confirm anything yet, at least until now when the folks at VentureBeat reached out and a spokesperson confirmed it.

Project Ara’s Founder Speaks Up On Its Reported Closure
According to an earlier report from Reuters, it was suggested that Google had shelved Project Ara, which for those unfamiliar was their plan to create a modular phone. So far everything had been moving along slowly but steadily, and there were even plans to commercialize it in 2017, but obviously that is no longer happening.


Google’s Project Ara Plans Might Have Been Shelved
Back in 2013, Project Ara was announced. The goal of Project Ara was to create a modular smartphone with parts that could be swapped in and out as needed, and it was an ambitious plan with potential, but every year since its inception saw its release pushed back by a year and another year.

Phonebloks’s Creator Isn’t Too Happy With Project Ara’s Direction
Back in 2013, Phonebloks was announced, which for those unfamiliar is kind of where Project Ara started. The company ended up working with Motorola (who was still under Google at that time) to create Project Ara, with the idea being that modular phones would cut down on the amount of electronic waste.

Google Explains Why You Can No Longer Swap Out Project Ara’s CPU
When Project Ara was first announced, it was supposed to be the phone aimed at the enthusiast crowd who might enjoy putting together a phone as they would a PC. The phone was supposed to be completely modular where anything and everything could be swapped out, but that has since changed as Google has scaled it back quite a bit.

Project Ara’s Commercial Release Set For 2017
Back in 2014, Google’s modular smartphone Project Ara entered into beta. This was promising as many were looking forward to actually getting their hands on the commercially available handset, and a beta would mean that things are on their merry way. Unfortunately no word on the project until 2015 where Google reassured that the project was not dead.

PuzzlePhone Android Modular Smartphone Wants Your Money
The concept of modular smartphones is not new, Google is just one of the many companies working to make one, and as Project Ara continues others are rushing to get theirs out the door. That’s what PuzzlePhone is doing, the company has developed a namesake modular smartphone powered by Android which the user can easily upgrade as per their requirement.

Project Ara’s Failed Drop Test Was Apparently A Joke
Remember the other day the official Project Ara Twitter account tweeted that they were switching from eletropermanent magnets to something else because of a failed drop test? As it turns out, it was a joke, or at least part of it was a joke. This was confirmed by Project Ara themselves who wrote, “BTW #FailedTheDropTest was a joke. Didn’t fail. We have been configuring a new solution. It’s better too. […]

Project Ara Might Have Been Returned To Motorola [Rumor]
When Project Ara was first announced, it was under Motorola Mobility’s banner, although we suppose technically it was under Google’s banner since Google had already acquired Motorola by then. However when Motorola was sold off to Lenovo, Google got to keep Project Ara and they have been working on it ever since.However according to a recent rumor from Hellomotohk, they claim that according to their sources, Project Ara might have […]

Project Ara Dumps Electropermanent Magnets For Modules
Over the past couple of days there has been a lot of talk regarding the future of Google’s modular smartphone ambitions, the company has had to come out and calm people that Project Ara isn’t going anywhere. The company did confirm though that the planned test run for this year has been delayed and will now be conducted in 2016. Today the team confirms that it has dropped electropermanent magnets […]

Google Delays Project Ara Modular Smartphone To 2016
 There were whispers recently that something might be up with Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone, the hardware release was expected at some point later this year but now the company has confirmed that it won’t be happening in 2015. A tweet from the official Ara team account confirms that there has been a delay and shift from its plans to test out the modular smartphone.

Google Reassures Project Ara Isn’t Going Anywhere
For those who are unfamiliar, Project Ara is a smartphone concept that the folks at Google are trying to make a reality. The idea is that a smartphone is pieced together using different modules, and in turn it allows users to swap out the modules as they need, like adding more storage, bumping camera megapixels, and more.Now earlier this year we saw a prototype of the phone that was working, […]