To mark the 45th anniversary of Samsung Electronics, the Korean juggernaut today opened Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon, South Korea. This five story, 10,950 square meter building in located inside the Samsung Digital City in Suwon. Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung CEO, said at the opening event that this museum gives visitors an opportunity to see how far technology has come and from where Samsung draws inspiration for future products.

One might think that this museum would be a shrine to everything-Samsung, but that is actually not the case. On display are 150 inventions and products from individuals as well as competing companies like Apple, apart from Samsung’s own products.

The museum has been divided into three main halls with each representing a different “Age.” The Age of Inventors includes inventions that laid the foundations of modern technology, from individuals like Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday and Alexander Graham Bell. Hall 2 is called Age of Industry Innovation. This features inventions related to semiconductors, mobile telecommunications and displays. Some of the world’s earliest smartphones are also on display though Samsung has naturally gone to great lengths to ensure that its mobile products take center stage. Similar products from Sony, Sharp, Nokia and Motorola are also on display. Age of Creation is highlighted in the last hall, here the focus is greatly upon Samsung’s latest devices and services.

A Samsung History Hall has also been created to showcase the journey and challenges that the company has faced up till now. The museum is open to public from Monday to Saturday, though visitors stopping by during weekdays will require a reservation.

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