sony-185tb-tape-driveJust when you thought that your home PC set up had an impressive amount of storage space, along comes Sony with their new magnetic tape technology that is touted to feature the world’s highest areal recording density of 148 Gb/in square. In other words, it is able to record around 74 times more data compared to the traditional magnetic tape media, and that would amount to a whopping 185TB, now how about that for storing your entire collection of photos, videos, movies and songs?

This new kind of nano-sized tape technology is able to store a whole lot more than hardware that we purchase from stores, that is for sure. How does this magnetic tape technology work, anyways? For starters, it will optimize the way it sends argon ions on to film in order to create magnetic material, and the 185TB of storage per cartridge will definitely play its part in making a 5TB hard drive look antiquated. Do not expect this breakthrough to arrive on your desktop PC anytime soon, however, but when it comes to supercomputers, it ought to go some lengths to being more than just slightly beneficial. No idea on its costing among enterprise and industrial circles though. [Press Release]

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