xcom-androidIt was just yesterday when we talked about how XCOM: Enemy Unknown was about to arrive on the Android operating system soon, and boy did we not have long to wait. The long awaited, and highly anticipated, of course, turn-based-strategy game is now available on the Android platform.


It was last year when the touch-enabled version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown hit Android’s rival operating system platform, which is Apple’s iOS, and Android users would have to fork out $9.99 a pop if they want to cap some aliens in the knee (or whatever joints that an alien body has).

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was first re-introduced to the massively changed gaming world on higher powered devices such as the PC, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Sony’s PlayStation 3 a couple of years ago. This particular title was developed by the folks over at Firaxis, where it happens to be a revival of the classic strategy series that strangely enough, did not see a game concerning this environment released in over a decade. Considering how this is a turn-based game, it makes perfect sense to play it on a touchscreen interface, don’t you think so?

$9.99 a pop is far more expensive compared to majority of the other mobile games out there, but this is the very same title on a full-priced release on the PC and consoles. There is one drawback, however – it will lack the content which has been released as part of last year’s Enemy Within expansion pack.

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