kpcb-internet-trends-096-640x480We all love our gadgets, that’s for sure, but exactly how much time do we spend looking at them? After all we can be entertained by our computers, mobile devices, and television, so which do you spend more time looking at? Well in a chart produced by Mary Meeker for her annual presentation on internet trends, she has broken down the average time spent looking at a screen based on country.

As we can see in the chart above, both Indonesia and the Philippines have taken the number one in terms of time spent looking screens. For Indonesia, this has been broken down into 132 minutes in front of the TV, 117 minutes on the computer, 181 minutes on smartphones, and 110 minutes on tablets, totaling a whopping 540 minutes spent in front of a screen!

Italy, according to the chart, spends the least amount of time in front of screens in general. Meeker’s findings revealed that Italians spent 89 minutes in front of the TV, 85 minutes on computers, 109 minutes on smartphones, and only 34 minutes on tablets, suggesting that maybe tablet use in Italy might not be as prominent compared to other countries.

For the most part it seems that time spent our mobile devices is the most, followed by computers, television, and finally tablets, indicating that perhaps engagement on tablets is not as high as it could be, but what do you guys think? Does that sound about right?

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