Gmail logo…and counting, of course. With the explosion of the Android mobile operating system across the world (who would have thought that such humble beginnings of Android would see it end up as the juggernaut that we know of today?), it is no surprise, then, to hear that the Gmail app for Android has achieved yet another new record on the Play Store. In fact, this particular app has surpassed the 1 billion downloads mark, as it creates history in being the first app on the Play Store to achieve that – Google Play Services notwithstanding, of course.

In one way or another, the 1 billion plus downloads do point to the number of Android users are out there. Google relies on unique accounts that have downloaded the app, instead of individual downloads which would most probably result in a far higher number. Basically, at least a billion Gmail accounts have already downloaded this particular app at one point in time or another, and this trend does not seem to stop. Now all that we need to do is to wait for the number of installs to breach the 5 billion mark, and I would not sit up all night waiting for that to happen as it is going to take some time more despite the popularity of Android worldwide.

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