google maps bike elevationIf you’re the type of person who enjoys cycling on the weekends, then the update to Google Maps might be worth checking out. Google has recently updated the desktop version of Google Maps to now include elevation levels of bike routes. Bike routes has been a feature of Google Maps for a while now, but with the update, cyclists will be able to figure out which routes they can take depending on how much elevation they want in their trip.

For example if you wanted more of a workout, then perhaps a route with higher elevation levels could be what the doctor ordered. However if you wanted something more relaxing, then using Google Maps to search for relatively flat terrain could be a good idea.

Of course if you have been cycling a particular route for a while now then we guess this update probably won’t be of much use, but if you’re looking for new places to explore, then we reckon it could come in handy.

As it stands it seems that the elevation information is available for almost all the bike routes in countries where bike routes are made available by Google, so if your country does not have that particular feature, we guess you’d be out of luck. It also seems that the update applies to the desktop version of Google Maps for now, so if you were hoping for a mobile version, presumably that is a feature that might come later.

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