rockbandRhythm-based games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and to a certain extent, Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS, certainly had their time under the limelight, and just like a real world music superstar, some of them have faded into obscurity, being nothing more than a one hit wonder. Well, Harmonix the games developer has every intention of bringing back Rock Band to where it belongs – in the consciousness of the masses.

All we know is, Rock Band is on its way to returning, although there is no guarantee just yet as to when that might happen. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has given his word on that future event though, where Rigopulous answered this particular question concerning the future of Rock Band, saying, “Of course I was sad when Rock Band passed its (first!) peak, but one way or another, it will be back.”

Apart from that, Rigopulos refused to blame Activision for the rather sudden death of the music game genre, perhaps from flooding the market with way too many Guitar Hero titles. Well, would you like to see Rock Band make an appearance on the likes of the Xbox One, Sony PS4 as well as Nintendo Wii U? Most of these titles are about the music, so there might not be anything worth when it comes to putting in effort for the visuals.

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