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Rock Band VR Announced For The Oculus Rift
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rock out on stage in front of an audience? Some of you guys might have had that privilege, but for others, the notion might simply just be a fantasy. However the good news is that fantasy could soon become a reality, virtual reality in fact.

Rock Band Will Be Making Its Way Onto The Oculus Rift
Have you ever wanted to play on stage with a band but never got the nerve or opportunity to? Well suppose the animation effects offered up by the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero probably come pretty close, but it looks like things got kicked up one notch because according to an announcement by Oculus and Harmonix, it looks like Rock Band will be making its way onto the […]

Van Halen Track Makes It To Rock Band 4
Harmonix Music Systems and Mad Catz Interactive have just announced a first time achievement in Rock Band history – that there will be a Van Halen track which will be added to the rockin’ Rock Band 4 soundtrack. In other words, fans can play as well as perform the band’s legendary #1 hit “Panama” when the title launches, and there will be additional music from the band that will be […]

New Rock Band Game Being Developed For PS4 And Xbox One
Rock Band is a well known game series that lets players jam to recorded music. The last major release was back in 2012 so one can say that the time is ripe for a new title. According to a new report a new Rock Band game is indeed in the pipeline and it will be released for both PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The report comes from a respectable scribe […]


Playing Rock Band With Others Could Increase Empathy Levels
It seems that the world does not have that much empathy to go around these days, and the question that begs to be asked is this – is there a solution to this dilemma? It seems that the journal Current Biology has published a story on how to solve the lack of empathy issue – it could be as simple as picking up Rock Band and to “jam” with the […]

Harmonix To End Support For Rock Band Network
A few years ago, music games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and DJ Hero were extremely popular, but we suppose over the years interest has waned and the franchise have slowly died off one by one. While Harmonix might not be developing new Rock Band games, the company has long supported the Rock Band Network.They have maintained the server for several years and it is a place where gamers can […]

Harmonix Could Be Gauging Interest For New Rock Band Game
A few years ago, games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and so on were all the rage. Perhaps it was the novelty of playing such games in our living room where previously they could only be found in arcades, but admittedly that trend has somewhat died out. However it looks like Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band and Dance Central, could be interested in reviving the series.This is […]

Harmonix Look Set To Reinstate Rock Band
Rhythm-based games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and to a certain extent, Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS, certainly had their time under the limelight, and just like a real world music superstar, some of them have faded into obscurity, being nothing more than a one hit wonder. Well, Harmonix the games developer has every intention of bringing back Rock Band to where it belongs – in the […]

Piano Projector Makes Learning How To Play As Easy As Rock Band
Learning how to play the piano is something we’re sure you’ve been meaning to do at some point in your life as there’s nothing more classy than being able to tickle the ole ivories at a dinner party. Finding both the time and money to learn how to play the piano is something we’re sure many of you haven’t been able to do, but now that there’s a projector system […]

Harmonix Assures Fans That Rock Band Will Return In The Future
I’m not sure about you guys, but I still enjoy games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and all that jazz, and if you share those sentiments, you might be pleased to learn that Harmonix has not abandoned the franchise entirely. The company recently revealed their new game called Fantasia: Music Evolved, which is a new game for the Xbox and takes advantage of the Kinect and was developed together with […]

EA pulling Rock Band for iOS from iTunes App Store at the end of the month
Back in May, gamers loading up EA’s Rock Band for iOS were greeted with a statement saying that the game would “expire” by the end of the month. EA later claimed that the message was sent in error, but little did we know that it was only prediction of things to come. We’re not sure if the message was generated in anticipation of this or if this is merely coincidence, […]

EA is not closing Rock Band for iOS
Earlier this morning, we talked about the possibility of EA closing down the Rock Band iOS app through a message, but it seems that EA has stepped forward to officially state that the game will not expire anytime soon. It seems that the message which appeared to those rocking to their iOS device was “sent in error”, and there will be no plans at all to shut it down. In […]

Rock Band for iOS to "expire" on the 31st of May?
Gamers, if you’ve downloaded Electronic Arts’ Rock Band on your iOS device, we’d love to hear from you guys if you’ve received the pop up message captured in screenshot above. For those unfamiliar, it seems that there have been reports of some iOS Rock Band owners who have received the pop up message informing them that come 31st of May, the game will no longer be playable on their device. […]

Harmonix drops Rock Band 3 down to $20 on all platforms
Activision might have killed its Guitar Hero franchise but that’s not stopping rivals, Harmonix, makers of Rock Band from snatching up whatever’s left of the music rhythm market. Rock Band 3, the best selling game in the series just received a price drop to $20 on the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (thats only on the game and doesn’t include all those plastic guitars, drums, and keytars). Still, a […]

Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster is a Best Buy exclusive
Being an exclusive certainly adds a whole new level of desirability to a particular device or product, and the same can be said of the Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster which is available only from Best Buy and nowhere else. This comes across as a pleasant surprise considering said peripheral was originally slated for a March release date. As for now though, this $280 guitar will be the exclusive retailer […]

Rock Band Reloaded Released for iPhone, iPad
EA has just released the update to its Rockband for the iOS platform called Rock Band Reloaded, now available for the iPhone ($4.99) and iPad ($9.99). In addition to a number of new songs, Rock Band Reloaded brings a number of new features to both the small screen phone and the larger screen tablet, including vocal recognition. Now, you can either tap the tune notes for the vocal portion or […]

Rock Band 3 keyboard and game bundle for the PS3 to be discontinued
Gamers might be incensed to a certain degree to learn that Harmonix and Sony’s deal with each other means you won’t be able to pick up the Rock Band 3 keyboard/game bundle for the PS3 Stateside, although owners of other consoles will still be able to enjoy this bundle. Pretty strange, don’t you think so? After all, it does make perfect sense to us for folks to pick up the […]

Gamers get neat with Level Up gaming towers
Level Up’s new range of gaming towers will cater for the entire gamut of consoles – we’re talking about the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Rock Band family as well. They’re not only nice to look at, but are functional to boot without breaking the bank – after all, with a $69.99 price point, it won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. Tame the Game – […]

The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360 console
Love the Fab Four and everything associated with them? If you’re a gamer and fall under that category, chances are you will go some ways to pick up the The Beatles: Rock Band Xbox 360 console. Don’t feel bad forking out a small fortune for this – after all, proceeds from the auction will benefit Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). This rare edition Xbox 360 was professionally customized in […]

You Rock Guitar Set For Debut
E3 might have been much more muted compared to its heydays, but that doesn’t detract from its importance. We have word that the You Rock Guitar will be released at E3 later this June, and this gaming peripheral will function not only on all major consoles but play nice with the PC as well. In addition, you can connect the You Rock Guitar to a PC, amplifier, MP3 player, iPod, […]