rock band networkA few years ago, music games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and DJ Hero were extremely popular, but we suppose over the years interest has waned and the franchise have slowly died off one by one. While Harmonix might not be developing new Rock Band games, the company has long supported the Rock Band Network.


They have maintained the server for several years and it is a place where gamers can go to if they want to buy new songs, create new songs for other gamers, and share music. Unfortunately it looks like Rock Band Network could be saying goodbye in the future as well. This is according to an official post on the Harmonix forums in which the developers announced that they will be ending their support.

According to the post, “Sadly, since the official Harmonix DLC pipeline closed on 4/2/2013, RBN has been plagued with technical issues. Some of those problems were server side here at Harmonix, while others were entirely outside of our control.”

They also add that because their resources are focused elsewhere, they will not be able to consistently maintain the Rock Band Network anymore. “At this point, with Harmonix resources devoted to several other titles in development, we’re no longer able to operate RBN with the kind of consistency that it deserves. As a result, we will no longer be taking any submissions or releasing new content through RBN.”

This isn’t a full shutdown as gamers will still be able to access it, it’s just that if you were hoping for new user-generated content, well we guess this is it. Anyone else sad to see Rock Band Network being abandoned?

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